spider monkeys

Pet Spider Monkeys

Can you have a pet spider monkey? 

Do spider monkeys make good pets?

Where can I find spider monkeys for sale?

The laws regarding having primates as pets vary by state and country. Many states completely ban private ownership of all primates (which obviously includes spider monkeys), while others place heavy restrictions on ownership.

If you search around the Internet, you are sure to come across some websites selling "exotic animals" including spider monkeys. You must remember that many of these monkeys are kept in horrible conditions and abused, not to mention the fact that many of these sites are complete scams.

Owning a spider monkey is a gigantic responsibility and is often considered more difficult than raising a human baby. Spider monkeys have emotional, psychological, and physical needs that humans simply struggle to satisfy. We do not recommend pet spider monkeys. Let them stay free and live in the wild and roam at will. They were not created to live in little cages or among groups of humans. If you are dead-set to buy a pet spider monkey, we recommend you check out this site which will provide you with more information you need to know.