spider monkeys

Spider Monkey Babies

Information about baby spider monkeys.

Baby spider monkey at the Milwaukee County Zoological Gardens by CburnettFemale spider monkeys can give birth between the ages of 4 and 5 years old. Their estrus cycle is about 26 days, while the birth interval can be 17 to 45 months. Males do not become sexually mature until they are 5 years old.

The gestation period for baby spider monkeys is usually in the tight range of 226 to 232 days. They are born almost completely black in color, and slowly transition to their adult coloration patterns after being alive for 5 months.

Spider monkey babies are carried by their mothers on the front side as they cling to the ventrum. After a baby spider monkey reaches about 5 months of age, it transitions to living on the back of its mother. Baby spider monkeys depend on their mothers' milk for about 2 years.

Spider monkeys between 24 and 50 months old do not ride on their mother's backs any more, but they generally stay close by while exploring their environment. They play with other spider monkeys of the same age and with adult spider monkeys.